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Curonix Professional Education Programs are designed to give physicians, advanced practice providers, and health care professionals the skills and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve in the treatment of chronic pain.

We offer a wide variety of educational programs and interactive learning experiences that can be customized to meet the educational needs of each healthcare provider. These virtual and in-person courses focus on sharing knowledge and building a network of clinicians committed to providing exceptional patient care.

National and International Bioskills Courses

Physicians from around the globe participate in innovative educational programs that offer customized learning opportunities to enhance their surgical skills and knowledge.

These courses provide a balanced mix of didactic presentations, clinical data, case reviews, and hands-on cadaveric training, all led by renowned industry leaders in the treatment of chronic pain.

Professional development workshop held for doctors, showcasing their technology, held by Curonix.
Professional education workshop being held by Curonix.

Advanced Practice Provider Workshops

These interactive courses are designed to allow APPs to learn about incorporating Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) into their practices.

Clinical examinations, patient identification, technology education, patient discussions, and wearables for the low back, hip, knee, foot and ankle, and shoulder are discussed. We strive to equip APPs with the necessary skills and resources using interactive learning modalities led by renowned faculty.

Professional education workshop being held by Curonix.

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The Freedom® PNS System is indicated for treatment of chronic, intractable pain of the peripheral nerve origin. The Freedom PNS System is not indicated for use in the craniofacial region.